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Hi and welcome to Journey into shamanism. My name is Matt and I am an urban British Shaman offering free  shamanic divination and tarot readings online. Please take a look around my site,It is a work in progress and will be a very special project, I am adding blogs and information regarding shamanic divination and how you too can develop and learn Shamanism, on a regular basis to assist you on your pathway into shamanic practise and shamanism as a whole.

My mission is not only to assist you on your lifes journey, be it in shamanism or otherwise but to offer healing and assistance on a global scale using techniques found within traditional shamanic practise and also those techniques which can show how shamanism can assist you in a modern, urban environment. Shamanism is not just for the wise ones or highly developed deeply spiritual folk, its a system for us all and can be utilised within your daily life!

So I welcome you here and ask you to join me on a special journey into shamanism and beyond, together we will find the answers that you seek and more importantly work together united as guardians of the planet.

I offer free Shamanic divination services & Tarot Readings that i specialise in remotley, but I am also available for house clearances, blessings, readings and shamanic healing. Please contact me via the contact me page or call / text me on 07342 968 685.

I believe the world is in a state of spiritual crisis and shamans as well as other spiritual practitioners are being called to service.

Everything i do is for your highest good, thank you for being here


Free Tarot Readings And Shamanic Divination

Welcome To Journey Into Shamanism

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“Humans are a part of creation and shamanism is our way of connecting with the whole.” ― Will Adcock

Shamanism is a beautiful soul centred practise that can be embraced anywhere, anytime by anyone. You my friend have found this page for a reason, maybe this is the place, maybe now is the time for you to receive the assistance shamanism has to offer..

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Welcome to my page my dear friend.I invite you to stay a while and discover how shamanism can aid you on your path by sharing with you my own journey into shamanism.